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Balaton Highlands National Park

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Balaton Highlands National Park, which is based on Hungarian Balaton Felvidéki National Park, is a dreamlike place of pristine environment. From the Tihany Peninsula to swampy marshlands of Kis-Balaton the grounds of the Hungarian nature reserve are located. The total area of the park is about 56,000 hectares.

Particularly interesting is a walk along the Red Sandstone Path in Balaton Highlands National Park, located in the immediate vicinity of Balatonalmádi town. Many buildings are made of red sandstone such as «Chapel of the Holy Dexter». Choosing accommodation Balatonalmádi will be a good idea due to the ideal location of the town. It is a great starting point for exploring the national park.

Even deposits and fossils from the Pliocene, when the Pannonian Sea covered West-Hungary, Slovakia and Austria, make excursions through the Balaton Highlands National Park especially interesting.

Crater landscape in the park is the result of geyser activity along the formerly active volcanoes. The Keszthely Mountains National Park is part of the Balaton Highlands. Here you'll find the rare plants and a wonderful view over the lake, especially from the lookout tower of Garga. For all those, who are already tired of the main resorts of Lake Balaton and want to spend a quiet vacation - renting an apartment in Keszthely Mountains is an interesting option.

The Balaton Highlands National Park is especially famous for its biodiversity in the bird world. With its own bird sanctuary, Kis-Balaton belongs to one of the absolutely beautiful parts of the park. A bridge with old-fashioned style architecturally interesting upper arches leads to the island with a bird sanctuary.

Even the buffalo reserve at Kis-Balaton is some kind of integrated nature park. Buffalos are domestic animals, which were the earlier used in Hungary as working animals, but some time ago nearly all of them were exterminated. Thanks to the protection of the reserve, the animals in the Balaton Highlands National Park were saved, and a part of them have been relocated. At present, there are about a hundred buffalos under the protection of the park at Lake Balaton.

Hardly anywhere in Europe, there are as many plants and animals to discover as in the Balaton Highlands National Park!


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