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Tennis Vacation at Lake Balaton

Tennis Vacation at Lake Balaton Tennis Vacation at Lake Balaton
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Lake Balaton is a little paradise for tennis fans. Tennis courts in this region can be found in almost any destination. These are mainly clay courts. Many operators of tennis courts in Lake Balaton offer tennis lessons for beginners. Children and adults can get their first experience with tennis rackets, tennis balls and tennis net. But even for advanced players vacation at Lake Balaton will be enjoyable. They can spend hours for training to get ready for bigger tasks. Lake Balaton is known for its highly motivated and usually very high quality coaches. Many of them have experience of competition, because there are many former tournament players among them. Those in Hungary wants to become a tennis coach, must pass a state scrutiny. This separates the wheat from the chaff. At the lake, many tennis courts belong to hotels, holiday home and cottages. So, when choosing an accommodation option for your vacation this fact should be taken into consideration.

Tennis vacation at Balaton provides tourists with a possibility of indoor play and training. In summer, this is certainly not an option, finally, this region is an endoheric basin with an average of 2000 sunshine hours a year, but in spring and autumn wind and rain sometimes occur, so possibilities of indoor play can be very useful.

A specialty of the Lake Balaton is tennis camps for children and adolescents between the ages of about 8 to 18 years. Such camps last for an average of about one week. Tennis lessons will be take about four hours per day, usually two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Swimming, beach volleyball, trips and other joint activities fill the remainder of the day. Some camps also offer combination offers for parents or grandparents and children.

Tennis Tournaments are taking place regularly at Lake Balaton. Holidaymakers are always welcome as spectators, and sometimes have an opportunity to actively participate.

Tihany at Lake Balaton provides tourists with excellent opportunities for tennis as well as other kinds of sport combined with culture and leisure activities. At the same time the peninsula is one of the most attractive regions of Balaton. In the morning – some tennis training, then - trips to historical monuments, churches, monasteries and fortresses – it is a perfect formula for tennis vacation at Tihany. There are also excellent opportunities for fishing. In the summer, Tihany attracts tourists with organ concerts, the Wine Festival and colorful market days.

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