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Fishing Vacation on Lake Balaton

Fishing Vacation on Lake Balaton Fishing Vacation on Lake Balaton
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A fishing vacation at Lake Balaton is great as well as other sporting activities. The area of the lake is approximately 600 square kilometers and the average depth is about 3 meters, all of these provide excellent conditions for sailing and surfing. The fish fauna of Lake Balaton is versatile; about 50 species of fish live in the lake, which due to its low depth warms very quickly regardless of cold mountain streams. During the summer months the temperature of the lake reaches 27 degrees. Fish that prefer cold water, such as trout, cannot be found here.

A fishing vacation at Lake Balaton is closely connected with the perch, the most famous fish in shallow, warm waters. The perch is usually 130 centimeters long, however some individuals are only 50 centimeters long. Perch is difficult to catch; it is very cautious and careful fish. You can also try your fortune by catching zander. It is a tasty fish with solid and lean meat. Pike, eels, carp and catfish can be caught during your fishing vacation at Lake Balaton.

Fish stocks were slightly reduced in recent time due to the professional fishing; however pikeperch is a fish the population of which is growing fast and always relatively large. Nevertheless, the seasons of the species must be observed. On smaller may also be regionally defined fishing seasons.

You can fish either from the piers or from the fishing boat, which can be rented easily. There are numerous boat rental stations along the lake shore. As for accommodation, you will find a wide range, from hotels to apartments to a fully equipped cottage. Also campsites can be found everywhere around the lake.

Photo: Rain Rannu (under public license)


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