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Zalakaros is one of the smallest towns in Hungary. It received the status of a town in 1997, and its population is 1900 citizens now. It is situated 20 kilometers south-west from Lake Balaton. But the proximity to highway M7 (Budapest-Zagreb) and Sarmellek airport only highlights the good geographical location of this small spa town.

Despite the beauty of nature Zalakaros remained unnoticed for a long time, but during the drilling operation in 1952 the main attractions – thermal mineral springs with a high content of fluorine and the average temperature of 85 ° C – were discovered. The thermal spring is located on an area of about 3500 m ². In 1965 near the mineral spring a spa complex was built, and in the late 1990's it was completely updated. Now Zalakaros citizens are taking care of vacationers very attentively: from all over Europe people come to treat and prevent skin diseases, rheumatism and metabolism violations.

Nowadays Zalakaros is one the major spa centers in Hungary. This small town annually accepts more than 700 thousand vacationers. Besides 10 hotels, numerous resorts and a camping, more than 600 private apartments and houses are leased. And according to the statistics, over the last 4 decades (since 1962, when the thermal spring was discovered) Zalakaros was visited by 22 million tourists.

During the existence of Zalakaros as a resort town a huge work has been done: arrangement of green spaces, parks, various entertainment centers, hotels and restaurants. Floral compositions appeared on every town street. Because of abundance of flowers Zalakaros town was distinguished as the most <<flower>> town not only in Hungary, but all around the Europe. The folk festival and different musical and theatrical concerts and contests are taking place in the town annually from May 1, till the end of September. And the most important holiday, which is celebrated in the beginning of August, is a wine-making festival.

Zalakaros, which now has the status of a town, plays an important role in solving regional problems, aiming to improve and develop such spheres as health care, education and tourism. All those efforts of the town administration are vectored to increase the number of tourist, who want to visit this unique town.


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