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Located in the area between two major spa resorts Keszthely and Heviz, Gyenesdias is a pleasant place for a vacation at the northwest shore of Lake Balaton. Nestled between the Keszthely Mountains, a scenic forest and a meadow landscape, having direct access to Lake Balaton beach, Gyenesdias is a community with tranquil and quiet atmosphere.

A tour through the city quickly reveals that Gyenesdias is actually a double community composed of two places: Gyenes and Dias. While one part is located in the mountains, the other one is covered with the vineyards and specializing in wine production. Both villages were truly religious and built after their old churches broke, a fine new church, united them it one community at end of 19th century. Both churches, St. Helene Chapel in classical style and the church in Italian Renaissance style fascinate visitors of the town.

Gyenesdias impresses vacationers primarily with a rich and diverse program of activities for families, water sports, nature lovers and young adventurers. It is not a big town – its population is about 2500 citizens. With private radio, beach volleyball court, a giant slide and enough space on infinitely long lawn. The shallowness and warm water is particularly suitable for family vacations. But sailors like that changing winds and the long-drawn waves of Lake Balaton.

The town is situated on the border between the forest and the beach. There are 16 sport stations and fan playgrounds. Shooting amateurs can practice their skills here – Gyenesdias offers them special areas for clay pigeon shooting.

Gyenesdias is an ideal place for excursions in the picturesque surroundings. It goes without saying that the Diásgebirge has the 2000 year history of wine, mystical 8-meter-long Vadlanlik cave and numerous czardases.


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