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The secret capital of sailing sports, Balatonfoldvar is located on the southeast shore of Lake Balaton. Town offers a wonderful bathing resort, but it is far more than just an excellent place for sailing and surfing. But only the so-called “set sail” in May is regarded as season opener for the entire region around the Lake Balaton.

A sophisticated Balatonfoldvar resort was founded in the beginning of the 20th century, when there were magnificent villas, gardens and only a small town around here. Many apartments today can be found in some of these villas and charming cottages, especially in the old town district.

About 1200 meters is the length of the finest street in Balatonfoldvar. There is a lot of trees along the road, so you can enjoy a pleasant walk in the shadows. With its ever-new, fantastic views of Lake Balaton Balatonfoldvar is probably the most romantic place on the lake. Parks and green flowering trees at every corner, along the roads through the whole town delight the sight of vacationers.

The south shore is just like a magnet for travelers. Balatonfoldvar has a huge harbor with enough space for more than 400 boats, and it is considered to be the largest and most beautiful on Lake Balaton. The shipping companies offer vacationers various water excursions. Anyways, you can always enjoy just a regular crossing to the north shore. From the water you will have a chance to observe a magnificent view of Balatonfoldvar bay.

The beach gradually leads into water, so the depth of the lake near the beach is small – and that perfectly suits for family vacations. From the beach of Balatonfoldvar an excellent view of sailing regatta can be achieved. World championship takes place in June together with Folvar Festival. During the whole summer, until warm autumn days Balatonfoldvar is filled with classical music, Hungarian folk and discotheques - particularly for younger audience.

Balatonfoldvar – a place with a picturesque landscape: a vivid mix of forest, fields and meadows – will fulfill the wishes of its guests.


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